After he erroneously murders two local farmers detained on suspicion of aiding the rebels, Vidal interrogates and tortures a captive rebel. [59] Navarrete and the score were nominated for an Academy Award. American audiences may have seen her in the 2008 western Appaloosa, starring Viggo Mortensen, with whom she has been in a relationship since 2009. "[15] It was also influenced by the illustrations of Arthur Rackham.

Knowing that he will be killed, he hands the baby to Mercedes and asks that she tell his son the exact time of his death. [17], There are differing ideas about the film's religious influences. This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. [27] Both versions had a PiP commentary while web extras were exclusive to the HD DVD version. Guillermo Navarro, the director of photography, said that "after doing work in Hollywood on other movies and with other directors, working in our original language in different scenery brings me back to the original reasons I wanted to make movies, which is basically to tell stories with complete freedom and to let the visuals really contribute to the telling of the story".[21].

[61] However, del Toro scrapped the project after deciding to direct Hellboy II: The Golden Army. [50] It is #17 on the BBC list of best 100 films of the 21st century. Ofelia is locked in her bedroom, and Mercedes is taken to be tortured; however, she frees herself, badly injures Vidal with a knife, and flees into the woods, where her brother Pedro and his fellow rebels rescue her. The faun gives Ofelia a mandrake root, which instantly begins to cure her mother's illness. [57] Del Toro himself performed the noises. AbuseTortureTerrorismEnforcement of unfair lawsInfanticide. Some of my favourite writers (Borges, Blackwood, Machen, Dunsany) have explored the figure of the god Pan and the symbol of the labyrinth. Fortunately, he found Ivana Baquero. He was a sadistic, cruel, unsympathetic, ruthless and treacherous madman who killed, tortured, and defiled for sheer enjoyment. Also, this is strongly implied that his concern for his son is only because he projects his own daddy problems onto his child and therefore, Vidal is more concerned with preserving his inheritance than with actually taking care of a child. Captain Vidal smirking evilly as he interrogates his hostages. The Pale Man may have caused more nightmares than any other element of Pan's Labyrinth, but his role is actually to serve as a metaphor for the movie's very real villain, Captain Vidal.
In the end, the character is a perfect representation of Pan's Labyrinth and so much of del Toro's work — beautiful fantasies which lead us through the darkness, opening our eyes to the things that make life worth living, even in a dangerous world.

In November 2007, del Toro confirmed that a sequel, entitled 3993, was in production. When he was told by Mercedes that his son would never know his name, Vidal despaired and died in fear. Pan's Labyrinth (Spanish: El laberinto del fauno, lit. Over the course of more than 20 years, del Toro has crafted films in both English and Spanish, populated with monsters, robots, vampires, demons, and fairies. Del Toro and his crew were so successful in crafting both the period setting and the unreal beings that many of the actors are unrecognizable outside of the movie. Its first general release was in Spain on 11 October 2006, followed by a release in Mexico nine days later. Vidal finds her talking to the faun, whom he cannot see. [52], Ranked No. It grossed $83 million at the worldwide box office and won numerous international awards, including three Academy Awards, three BAFTA Awards including Best Film Not in the English Language, the Ariel Award for Best Picture, the Saturn Awards for Best International Film and Best Performance by a Younger Actor for Ivana Baquero and the 2007 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form. When Vidal orders Ferreiro to keep a captive man alive so that he can be further tortured for information, the good doctor humanely euthanizes the rebel instead. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Drops of Ofelia's blood fall down the centre of the spiral stone staircase onto an altar. [26][43], Metacritic named it the best reviewed film of the decade" in 2010. The film employs make-up, animatronics, and CGI effects to bring life to its creatures. "You don't know about these things because you're Mexican," they told him, "but this guy is not going to be able to deliver the performance." Its widest release in the United States was in 1,143 cinemas.[26]. Captain Vidal is the main antagonist of the 2006 Spanish epic fantasy hit film Pan's Labyrinth. "Long, Long Time Ago (Hace mucho, mucho tiempo)" – 2:14, "Rose, Dragon (La rosa y el dragón)" – 3:36, "The Fairy and the Labyrinth (El hada y el laberinto)" – 3:36, "The Moribund Tree and the Toad (El árbol que muere y el sapo)" – 7:12, "A Book of Blood (El libro de sangre)" – 3:47, "Mercedes Lullaby (Nana de Mercedes)" – 1:39, "Waltz of the Mandrake (Vals de la mandrágora)" – 3:42, "Pan and the Full Moon (La luna llena y el fauno)" – 5:08, "Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby (Nana del laberinto del fauno)" – 1:47, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 15:32. Kill Ofelia (succeeded).Suppress dissent and resistance to the Franco regime (failed). Mark Kermode, in The Observer, labeled Pan's Labyrinth as the best film of 2006, describing it as "an epic, poetic vision in which the grim realities of war are matched and mirrored by a descent into an underworld populated by fearsomely beautiful monsters". By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. [14] Originally, the faun was supposed to be a classic half-man, half-goat faun fraught with beauty. However, Mercedes refuses by telling him that his son will never even know his name, implying that she won't carry on Vidal's legacy to his son, much to Vidal's shock. Type of Villain But in the end, the faun was altered into a goat-faced creature almost completely made out of earth, moss, vines, and tree bark. [26] In Spain, it grossed almost $12 million, and it is the fifth highest domestically grossing foreign film in the United States. [33] At its Cannes Film Festival release, it received a 22-minute standing ovation, one of the longest in the festival's history. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 95% based on 229 reviews with an average rating of 8.6/10. The Korean first edition contains two DVDs along with an art book and replica of Ofelia's key. The faun leaves, and Vidal takes the baby from Ofelia's arms before shooting her. Crimes Pan's Labyrinth", "Outside The Frame: Guillermo Del Toro Interview Part 1", "Bridge to Terabithia a Pan's Labyrinth for Kids", "79th Annual Academy Awards Nominees and Winners", "Guillermo Del Toro's 3993 Details... –", "Pan's Labyrinth: 15 Things You Never Knew",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Hobby View this photo on Instagram Pan’s Labyrinth (Atienza et al., 2006) takes us on a visually fantastic journey by creating scenic realism through lighting, placement of props and camera angles. Del Toro got the idea of the faun from childhood experiences with "lucid dreaming". The faun, having changed his mind about giving Ofelia a chance to perform the third task, returns and tells her to bring her newborn brother into the labyrinth to complete it. The director later recalled that the movie's Spanish producers tried to dissuade him from choosing López for the very serious role of Vidal.

The faun tells Ofelia that the portal to the underworld will open only with an innocent's blood, so he needs a drop of her brother's blood. Pan's Labyrinth comes to a bittersweet conclusion, as Captain Vidal murders Ofelia just before the rebels, in turn, execute him. Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, "Pan's Labyrinth (2006) - Box Office Mojo", "Amazing journey: Fantasy both frightening and beautiful lurks in this award-winning labyrinth", "Guillermo del Toro and Ivana Baquero escape from a civil war into the fairytale land of, "Exclusive Interview: Guillermo del Toro ", "Pan's Labyrinth: A Story that Needed Guillermo Del Toro", "Capone chats with Abe Sapien, The Faun, The Old Man and The Silver Surfer!!! In truth the men were hunting rabbits but Vidal refused to allow them to finish their story, instead mercilessly beating the son's face in before killing the father and almost killing one of his own men in the process. He gives her a book and tells her she will find in it three tasks to complete in order for her to acquire immortality and return to her kingdom. Evil-doer

Vidal eventually discovers that his maid, Mercedes, is a spy, and he captures her and Ofelia as they attempt to escape. Lopez said that "for two hours and a half he explained to me all the movie, but with all the details, it was incredible, and when he finished I said, 'You have a script?' It should be a matter of personal discussion". It's no wonder — Angulo had starred in over 60 films and was nominated for three Goya Awards, Spain's greatest national honor for achievement in film. A large stick insect, which Ofelia believes to be a fairy, leads Ofelia into an ancient stone labyrinth, but she is stopped by Vidal's housekeeper Mercedes, who is secretly supporting her brother Pedro and other rebels.

He also bears the grim duty of attending to the captain's prisoners. He's relatively decent and professional to his subordinates. To embody this human monster, del Toro chose Sergi López, an actor known in Spain mostly for comedies and melodramas.

The last piece to be applied was the pair of horns, which weighed ten pounds and were extremely tiring to wear. He grew extremely threatening and aggressive when his enchantment's doctor suggested his, then unborn son, might be born a girl. [18] Additionally, the priest's words during the torture scene were taken as a direct quote from a priest who offered communion to political prisoners during the Spanish Civil War: "Remember my sons, you should confess what you know because God doesn't care what happens to your bodies; He already saved your souls.

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