During one installation of the programming, the child is invited to break the Wonderland programming, and she or he sees a mock killing of their King or Queen of hearts. A story-based tutorial that introduces users to programming through building a story. The Cheshire Cat then brings the child at last to a place where they see the white rabbit (the primary trainer or bond dressed in a costume), and they follow him/her “down the hole” (representing amnesia) to a room where the presentation stays behind, watching a movie (screen memories which account for the lapse of time). But it took computers to bring Gollum to life, creating animated images of the character that smoothly blend with the actors on the screen. Alice conveyed the basic ideas and purposes of programming. ( Log Out /  Hearts is the royal, or controlling, suit in the white Alice program; while spades is the ruling suit in the Black Alice (killer) program that will be addressed in another article. The programming starts in the womb (prenatally), with the various Wonderland creatures talking to the birth mother and fetus, and with specific traumas that create the main characters. The Jabberwocky and others are guardians of Wonderland that keep the presenters inside. As the tea party progresses, to the child’s horror, one by one, the people at the party (who are doubles of people they love deeply; including their presentation mother, father, sisters, brothers, and loved ones in the cult) are killed in horrendously gruesome ways. Without Alice, Pausch says, the students averaged a C in their first computer science class. “Computer programming is limited only by the limits of the imagination .

The child is awake, vomiting from the effects of a mild poison they were given in the food. The tea party is an important component of the amnesia programming. “Crazy Alice” programming is designed to make the “host” parts feel like they are going crazy, be afraid of going crazy and to return to the cult for “treatment” if they start remembering what they are not supposed to. It can help if the individual understands that they really can break this program and heal; that the characters do not have to keep continuing doing their old roles, and they can break out of Wonderland. White Alice (representing the presentation main controller who is heavily demonized) is dressed in the blue dress and white pinafore, with blond hair and blue eyes, and guides the child (who is dressed in the same way) through backwards houses, where people walk and talk backwards (a common cause of childhood dyslexia is the confusion this creates). Alice can be used with Netbeans to convert the Alice file into Java.

“Painters are limited by paint, and sculptors are limited by clay,” he says. [9], Storytelling Alice was succeeded by the interactive storytelling application Looking Glass, developed at Washington University in St. In Colorado, graduate student Agata Dean and her coworkers have used Alice at the middle school level in an after-school technology club and in a weeklong technology summer camp at the Colorado School of Mines. A set of instructions for a computer is called a program. The love bond is represented by the heart, with the understanding by the child that if he or she ever remembers, and the amnesia breaks, these individuals will be killed. "Carroll was a mathematician, novelist, and photographer. All rights reserved.

Kronos oversees this sense of the elapsing of time, in tandem with the other characters. They often represent a twin or beloved brother and sister; or beloved cult parents. In most international occultic groups, the child spends the first three years fulltime at a cult facility, being continuously programmed. Alice conveyed the basic ideas and purposes of programming. She has been using a modified version with Girl Scout troops. Demo of Alice programming 3 What is Alice? The White Rabbit: the Rabbit asks Mnemosyn for tea, and to serve it to the parts at the party, which is a cue for amnesia; as long as the characters are drinking tea (which contains a drug that brings bliss and forgetfulness). There is no syntax to remember. W. Dann, D. Cosgrove, D. Slater, and D. Culyba, Mediated Transfer: Alice 3 to Java. Each will be described separately below. For example, suppose you had to tell someone who had never been in a kitchen how to make a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich. In a computer program, each instruction specifies an action. Alice uses a drag and drop environment to create computer animations using 3D models. The families will be given photos of the child (or a look-alike) in infancy for photo albums. The queen becomes very interested in using the child’s head (the child is constantly called “Alice” throughout the setup, to represent the presentations, since Alice in Wonderland is ultimately presentation programming to remain amnesic and rely on demonic help to do so). When working with these parts, it is important to realize that these are the individual’s presentation controllers. “With computer languages, if you get one thing wrong, it doesn’t work anymore.”. A mage (spiritual person) also comes and helps rescue the child, who continues the journey, meeting other characters. Finally, the child ends up at the palace of the Queen of Hearts, who demands a sacrifice (the child was already told that the last child to complete the Alice scenarios will be her sacrifice). Writing a program to animate 3D objects is all about deciding what actions you want these objects to perform. It takes time and safe relationships to heal this type of programming, and for parts to make the decision to give up their amnesia and agreements to forget. There are often three versions of the Alice programming installed, and each will be a backup for the other, in case one fails. (note: part two will cover Crazy Alice and Black Alice programming). Nowadays, there are computers in airplanes, cars, television sets, vending machines, and kitchen appliances. Alice uses a drag and drop environment to create computer animations using 3D models.The software was developed first at University of Virginia in 1994, then Carnegie Mellon (from 1997), by a research group led by Randy Pausch. Trigger warning: The material in this article could be very triggering for survivors of ritual abuse or mind control as it contains graphic descriptions of programming; it is best to check with your therapist before reading material such as this. For instance, the infant will be dressed in a “Dormouse” costume, and taught to drink tea that makes him/her sleepy on command, or as a Cheshire Cat, with an outside actor modeling the role of this part. This part becomes a strong amnesia controller. The caterpillar then blows smoke over the child, which induces amnesia, and tells her to “always remember to forget” or the primary bond will be killed. This is an elaborate setup, and occurs over the period of a week. [5], In a second study at Carnegie Mellon University, students taking their first computer science course with a mediated transfer approach that transitioned from Alice 3 to Java scored an average of 84.96% and 81.52% in two semesters of testing this approach, compared to an average of 60.8% before the mediated transfer approach.[6]. Change ). And wherever there are computers, there have to be computer programmers who write the instructions that tell the computers what to do, step by painstaking step. Learning to Program with Alice, Wanda P. Dann, Stephen Cooper, Randy Pausch; An Introduction to Programming Using Alice, Charles W. Herbert; Alice 2.0: Introductory Concepts and Techniques; Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Charles W. Herbert; Starting Out with Alice: A Visual Introduction to Programming; Tony Gaddis; Pearson Addison Wesley, 2007; Virtual World Design and Creation for Teens; Charles R. Hardnett; Course Technologies PTR, 2009; This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 07:28. Once they do, the whole system will benefit greatly. White Alice, Black Alice and Crazy Alice Programming. The horrified Alice is reminded by Mnemosyn that “everything is fine” and is told to “let me take care of everything” and asks Alice to give her the memories. The child then enters a huge maze created from hedges. He’s a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh. Alice then is 10 feet tall meaning reference to Nephilim inbreeding of the genome and gene pool manipulation of the masses. ( Log Out /  The results don’t look like Lord of the Rings, but if you give Alice a try, you can experience the immense satisfaction of getting a computer to do what you want it to do—and of showing off your waddling penguins or attacking bugs to friends. Dormouse: The Dormouse is a small child/toddler who constantly falls asleep (presentation sleep programming, to fall asleep on cue), and believes that “nobody loves me, everybody hates me” (a rejection program). Working with computers doesn’t make you a geek, he insists. Founded in 2003, Science News for Students is a free, award-winning online publication dedicated to providing age-appropriate science news to learners, parents and educators.

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