She ends up beating the ghost up! This is a bit creepy. ‘The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares’ is a completed LINE webtoon series by a number of artists.

I tend not to like changing artists and writers in series, and a big reason why I’m not really into western comics, they do it a lot. Press J to jump to the feed. I do believe the author made himself as the protagonist in this story though… Seeing as it’s about a webtoon author working for Naver (where many of these Korean webtoons on LINE Webtoons originate from). | [LINK] However, I didn’t find them as impressive as the other webtoons we’ve covered. It’s been a rough, draining, and overall bad week for me. Webtoon|Sweet Home — Who Are the Real Monsters? I found it interesting at least. Recommendation. I might be blind, but I don’t think they actually put the author’s name on this chapter.

He finds all sorts of people with very different lives from him. While by itself, the series is quite interesting. I really did enjoy Vault of Horrors, many of the stories were quite spooky and creepy. You've come to the right place. Chapter 6| “The Nightmare” Story by ManSub Im and Art by RaeHyun Seo | [LINK]
Furthermore, I found with Vault of Horrors the main purpose was simply to ‘shock’ audiences. Here are the chapters/stories that I liked and/or found pretty interesting: Chapter 1| “Research” by Yeon JeWon | [LINK] The subreddit dedicated to webtoons. It’s been a rough, draining, and overall bad week for me. Each chapter is done by a different person – which leads to a lot of variety in art and writing styles. Story-wise, I could see where it was going. Jadwal Harian; Genre; Populer; Kanvas horor GUDANG CERITA HOROR: KOLEKSI MIMPI-MIMPI BURUK Various Artists author info. Definitely maybe I’ll find another interesting horror webcomic somewhere else >_<. Don’t you hate suddenly waking up in the middle of the night because you have to pee?

20 comments. Enter at your own risk. Thanks for sharing.

He states that this really did happen and that he did not exaggerate it. I know some of these are categorized as thrillers, but they are still worth checking out. save hide report. - Not Your Typical RomCom Webtoon, Webtoon|My Sister Picked Up The Male Lead — Distracted By The PLOT (ABSSS), DRAMA| Cheese In The Trap - Hella Toxic Ship and Second Lead Feels. Just read it for the laughs. Lord Jesus (Oh Holy!)

There was rarely anything of substance in each of the chapters.

A popular novelist is confronted by a former neighbor. There’s some slight creepiness in it. Chapter 3| “Profile” by SeungChan Lee | [LINK]

The art was super pretty and not knowing the backstory made it soo much creepier. Usually the stories in anthologies like this can be hit or miss. I give it a 6/10. The art matched the story setting – in traditional times. Also…Bruh…Everyone knows you should always keep a shit ton of salt on you if you’re dealing with a ghost. Chapter 4| “The Maze” by TMJ/Linda (??) Chapter 23 | “The Guest House” | [LINK]

That’s what happens to one man. | Run With The Wind. Exactly!!!!

Also, this is another chapter that doesn’t seem to name the author….

Stories can be about… I make silly little comics at It’s interesting to me because I can relate to some of this. DramaFever is Dead — Alternatives for Asian Dramas/Movies.

I’ll make sure to check them out :D , Bastard is honestly the best WEBTOON out there, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, Yeeesss I read all of it it’s awesomeeee :)), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It’s creepy enough, and I like how the author put himself in his story. Today, I’ll be continuing BAYOG’s Spoop Fest with another webtoon post! I’ll make sure to check the rest of them out! How far is too far? You can find the webtoon [HERE]. However, he stumbles upon a page that shows alot of hate towards a man who shares his name. SAO: Alicization First Impressions: Wow.

/cries into a puddle There were alot of chapters that felt “Meh” to me. A man stumbles upon an interesting post about how to see ghosts. He decides to test it out himself. Yep, another webtoon horror series – I really do love them!

To keep up to date with Freaky Friday posts, and more, click the subscribe button! The red book, and if you haven’t read the shriek anthology check it out! We’ll be talking about The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Any good horror webtoon recommendations?

However, the author starts getting some eerie emails from his missing friend….
If I were to be honest, this wasn’t my favorite of the horror anthology webtoons on LINE Webtoons. Terbitkan Masuk. The story was about a young woman, who with the help of a monk had ‘divided’ her husband into two mice – his regular (terrible) self and the way she wanted him to be . A webtoon artist and his friend are working on a horror webtoon. It makes you wonder what people think of you, and how sometimes you don’t really know people at all. Tutup halaman login | Cari | MENU. I’ve had several strange sleep paralysis moments and other things.

Inilah tempatnya... Selamat datang di dunia penuh mimpi buruk dan teror, berisi kumpulan kisah horor dari para ahli horor di LINE Webtoon.... Yuk, klik dan baca! Many of the stories in Tales of the Unusual left readers wondering and reflecting on it long after they had finished reading it. At the end of the story, her in-laws accidentally do the same ritual to her young child – and she faces a terrible decision. I believe there’s a horror movie based on it as well.

Webtoon| The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares [Spoop Fest #9] October 29, 2018 . The series was interesting, but knowing that there was a ‘better’ series out there, I wasn’t as impressed as I should have been. Hey loves~ Not gonna lie, I’m kind of low energy right now. ‘Tales of the Unusual’ is much longer, with stories spanning many chapters. Ep. It’s past midnight and you’re in the mood for a scare?, available online for free.#longlivecomics Each chapter is done by a different person - which leads to a lot of variety in art and writing styles. Since Halloween is near I was looking for some good horror webtoons.

They're definitely really good!!!

And then you check them out and they’ve either done no other works or only small works so aaah. I think it’s one of those found footage horror flicks. One Hell Of A Blog Post – Black Butler On Netflix! Especially if you’re one of those people that overthink and think about being home alone. share.

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