- Kay? We will always keep your email confidential. Please note that the discussion was closed to any additional postings as of Nov 1, 2016 When in doubt, go with what the locals are doing to say thanks. Goodbye - Khoda Hafez. If we don’t have a SpeakSheet for this country yet, we can notify you as new SpeakSheets

I am feeling bad - Amaar kharap lagchhe. Giving someone a small token of appreciation is more accepted than saying thank you. Saying thank you is more usual with strangers than those close to you as it is expected that friends and family will do things for one another. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Saying thank you can vary from culture to culture. - Tomar naam kee? It all started with “thank you.” Has saying “thank you” in the local language been the ending of a beautiful travel story, or has it led you to a surprise adventure? Jump to phrases See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder . READ NEXT: How to Say ‘Hello’ in 100 of the World’s Most Spoken Languages How to Say ‘I Love You… Making the effort to show even a basic understanding of the local language can go a long way, so we'll show you how to say thank you in many languages. - Eta kee khoob doo-rey? I am fine - Bhaalo achhe. The words "thank you" are used to express gratitude. The Japanese also have many holidays and occasions where your thanks can be given as gifts. Some cultural tips for saying thanks in other countries to keep in mind are: In China, it is more common to say thanks with a thoughtful gift rather than words. Thank You - Dhonno-baad. ('kay' rhymes with the English word say), Right - Done dee-kay ('Done' is pronounced like the English word done; the last syllable 'kay' rhymes with the English word say), Left - Bum dee-kay (the last syllable 'kay' rhymes with the English word say), One Hundred - Ek show ('show' is pronounced like the English word show), Two Hundred - Dui show ('show' is pronounced like the English word show), Chicken - Moor-gee (the first syllable 'Moor' is pronounced like the English word moor), Banana - Kaw-la (the first syllable 'kaw' rhymes with the English word saw), Hot - Jhaal (Used when the food tastes too hot due to spices or other condiments), Hot - Gorom (Used when the weather, the water or anything feels too hot to touch), This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. commented on by travelers at this time. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. become available. Hi, Hello - Salam-alaikum. We send out infrequent newsletters. - Kemon achho? I want a ticket - Aa-mee ek-ta ticket chai, Who?

In addition to speaking the words thank you, you can also sign the words in American Sign Language. Is this very far? Saying a sincere thank you is usually a great way to express your appreciation to someone who helps or supports you, but remember that in some cultures a small gesture or gift is welcome instead or, even, no thanks at all. How To Say Cheers in Swahili, direct from Nairobi. Topics include Transportation, Things to Do, Dining Scene & more! In India, saying thank you is quite formal and puts social distance between you and the recipient. To do this, start with the fingers on your prominent hand and place them near your lips. (Used when talking to children or youngsters only) How are you? The following are examples of how to say thank you in 20 languages other than English: Indonesian - terima kasih (Tur-EE-mah KAH-see), Korean - kamsahamnida (KAM-sah-ham-NEE-da). - Kemon achhen? (Used when talking to children or youngsters only), What is your name?

Bengali -> language spoken in the state of West Bengal, India, as well as almost all people of Bangladesh Bicol -> Philipino dialect Bregenzerwald -> Part of Vorarlberg Cebuano -> language spoken in Philipines near the town of Cebu Chamoru -> language spoken by people in … Please take this into account when making your Traveling to or studying in Bangladesh, it can be useful to learn how to say and pronounce Courtesy/Questions words such as thank you. more. How are you?

Speak better. Whether you are planning a trip to a foreign country, have a friend who speaks another language, or are looking for a unique way to say thanks, there are many ways to express your appreciation. How are you? There are many ways to express gratitude. Previous post : How To Say taxi in Bangladesh Next post : How To Say thanks in Bangladesh, Copyright © 2016 SpeakSheets.com | Home | About | Countries | Changelog | Contact | Join Affiliates. Let me know in the comments! Have more fun. The following are examples of how to say thank you in 20 languages other than English: travel plans. A collection of useful phrases in Bengali, an Eastern Indo-Aryan language spoken in mainly Bangladesh and in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and South Assam. - Kemon achho? and, as such, some of the information contained herein may be outdated and cannot be Speak better. We offer some of the very best language sheets for your international travels to Bangladesh and beyond. This article contains a discussion by Tripadvisor members concerning the above topic. In the English language, it is common to hear "thank you" or "thanks" as a polite response. There are many different words and gestures used around the world to relay this message and show others that you appreciate their kindness. What is your name?

All Rights Reserved, How to Write a Basic Thank You Letter (With Samples). Tell me the way please - Ekto rastata bolben? (Used when talking to children or youngsters only), I am from London - Aa-mee London thek-ey ae-shay-chhi, I don't know Bengali - Aa-mee Bangla ja-nee-na, This is too expensive - Eta khub bay-she daam, Reduce this price - Etar daam komiye rakhen. In Bangladesh, they speak Bengali. When you're ready, learn how to say I love you in 20 languages or see more ways to express gratitude in Spanish beyond gracias.

Have more fun.

Some useful phrases to get you going! In the English language, it is common to hear "thank you" or "thanks" as a polite response. Located in South Asia, Bangladesh has a population of 150,493,658 (2011) consisting of 49% female (2011) and sees the arrival of 267,000 (2009) tourists a year. In Japan, people often bow to one another to show their thanks rather than actually saying the words. I am feeling good - Amaar bhalo lagchhe. Whether you are planning a trip to a foreign country, have a friend who speaks another language, or are looking for a unique way to say thanks, there are many ways to express your appreciation.. Thank you from our projects in Bangladesh http://www.tearfund.org.nz Keep your hand flat and move your hand forward and down in the direction of the person you want to thank. You can always ask someone what is appropriate and follow through with that gesture. Learning to say thank you in a different language is not only fun but can be a great way to gain the attention of those around you and to show your politeness when visiting another country. Travel easier. Travel easier. Some cultures do not rely on words to say thank you but use gestures instead when it is appropriate to express gratitude for something. Thank You in 20 Languages.

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