The lid on her head is purple with wavy edges and gold lining. | WGNAP (027). Mrs. Potts cannot completely destroy darkness, but she can assist in doing so by showering it with water from her spout. Movie: Beauty and the Beast (1991) Franchise: Beauty and the Beast This actress has officially changed her name -. She was introduced to the Kingdom Hearts series in Kingdom Hearts II, playing a minor role in Beast's Castle. Mrs. Potts helped explain that the rose represented the countdown to when the Beast would have to find true love or remain as a beast for all time. Throughout the film, Mrs. Potts and the other servants observe Beast and Belle's budding romance, giving them hope that the curse will be broken and they will revert into humans. On the night that Beast invited Belle to dine with him, Lumière and Mrs. Potts attempt to teach Beast how to act like a gentleman, a task that was quite difficult. Her base is purple with gold lining and a pale, alternating pink and blue pattern on it. Mrs. Potts Voice. Her parts as Mrs Potts in the movie have therefore been redubbed for the 2002 DVD release (with the added scene). ANECDOTES - In the French version, Lucie Dolène - Mrs Potts' original voice - sued Disney France for the copyrights on her voice, and won. Mrs. Potts VOICE Emma Thompson.

She and the other servants begged Sora to help the Beast, which he did, eventually defeating Xaldin and taking back everything that was precious to the Beast. In his rage, Beast locked up Mrs. Potts and the other servants in the castle dungeon. ALL; SHOWS (1) GAMES (1) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals. They remained out of the main action until after Sora, Donald, Goofy and the Beast rescued Belle from the Shadow Stalker/Dark Thorn that Xaldin had set after her. Filters: ALL VERSIONS Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? Beauty and the Beast is a live-action re-imagining of the classic Disney movie cartoon. She has blue-green eyes and thin, black eyebrows.
Donald Trump Jr.'s Ex Aubrey O'Day Makes Shocking Claims About Trump Kids, Melania Trump Pulled Her Hand Out of Donald Trump's Grip After the Final Debate (Video). When Sora returned to Beast's castle later on in his journey, the servants had organized a special evening for Belle and the Beast in an attempt to bring them closer together. After the Beast and Belle confess their love each other, the curse was broken, transforming Mrs. Potts and the other castle's residents into humans, and a ball was held to celebrate. Mrs. Potts VOICE Emma Thompson. Cogsworth, the castle's butler, was reluctant to reveal himself to Sora, but Mrs. Potts immediately suggested that it was safe, noting that Sora and his friends did not look like "them" (it can be assumed she was referring to the Heartless). The handle is a pink ball on the top of the lid.

Bob the Builder (1998 TV Show) Mrs. Potts. (uncredited), (Special version) (as Edward L. Ghertner), production associate (as Pawel Araszkewicz), assistant production manager: effects/computer graphics, assistant production manager: layout (as Patricia Hicks), assistant production manager (special edition 2002), assistant production manager: compositing & retakes (as Suzi Vissotzky), production consultant: visual development, visual development artist (as Dave Molina), visual development artist (as Christopher Sanders), sound editor (as Dennis Dutton) / sound editor (credit only), dialogue engineer (credit only) (uncredited), assistant sound editor (as Sue Odjakjian) / assistant sound editor (credit only), assistant sound editor (as Sonya 'Sonny' Pettijohn), dialogue engineer (uncredited) / foley mixer (uncredited), Effects BreakDown Artist / effect animator, stereoscopic conversion artist (2010 3D version), effects breakdown and inbetween artist / stereoscopic conversion artist, assistant effects animator (as James Mansfield), special effects animator (as Eddie Houchins), assistant effects animator (as Cynthia Neill-Knizek), supervising effects animator (as Dorse Lanpher), pipeline technical director (2010 3D version), effects breakdown and inbetween artist (as Lisa Ann Reinert), stereoscopic technology lead (2010 3D version), assistant production manager: background/color model/checking, digitizing camera operator (as Gary Fishbaugh), film recorder operator (as Christopher Gee), camera operator: pre-production (uncredited), breakdown artist: "Lumiere" (as Hee Rhan Bae), supervisor: The Baer Animation Company (as Dale L. Baer), breakdown artist: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others, assistant animator: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others, key assistant animator: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others, final check/paint supervisor (as Hortensia M. Casagran), inbetween artist: "Gaston" (as Lillian Chapman), assistant animator: "Belle" / rough inbetweener, assistant animator: "Gaston" (as James Davis), assistant animator: "Maurice" (as Marcia Dougherty), background artist (as Gregory Alexander Drolette), assistant background artist (as Debbie DuBois), corrections artist: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others, key assistant animator: "Belle" (as Christine Lawrence), 2D animation processor (as Gary Fishbaugh), assistant layout artist (as David Gardner), assistant animator: "Lumiere" (as Richard Green), breakdown artist: "Lumiere" (as Edward Gutierrez), assistant animator: "Lefou" (as Michael Hazy), inbetween artist: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others, assistant paint supervisor / color model mark-up, breakdown artist: "Beast" (as James Y. Jackson), inbetween artist: "Belle" (as Ken Kinoshita), breakdown artist: "Maurice" (as Norma Rivera), animator: "Gaston" (as Alexander S. Kupershmidt), key assistant animator: "Beast" (as Tracy M. Lee), breakdown artist: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others (as Kellie Deron Lewis), assistant animator: "Belle" (as Denise Meara Hahn), inbetween artist (2002 version) (as Sarah Mercey-Boose), breakdown artist: "Beast" (as Wendy Werner), key assistant animator: "Belle" (as Brett Newton), key assistant animator: "Belle" (as Jennifer Gwynne Oliver), clean-up supervisor (as Vera Lanpher) / supervising character lead: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others (as Vera Lanpher), character sculptor / clean-up supervisor: Florida, supervising animator: "Mrs. Potts" and "Chip", key assistant animator: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others (as William Recinos), assistant animator: "Gaston" (as Dana Reemes), 2D animation processing supervisor (as Robyn L. Roberts) / 2D animation processing supervisor, assistant animator: "Beast" (as Priscillano A. Romanillos), background supervisor: Florida (as Richard John Sluiter), inbetween artist: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others (as Kevin Smith), key layout/workbook artist (as Dan St. Pierre), animator: "Lumiere" (as David P. Stephan), assistant animator: "Belle" (as Juliet Stroud Duncan), character lead: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others, inbetween artist: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others (as Michael Swofford), assistant animator: "Beast" (as Marshall Toomey), breakdown artist: "Maurice" (as Elizabeth Watasin), inbetween artist: "Objects", "Townspeople" and others (as Daniel A. Wawrzaszek), key layout/workbook artist (as Tanya Wilson), animator: "Mrs. Potts" and "Chip" (as Phil Young), key assistant animator: Gaston (uncredited), color stylist: The Baer Animation Company (uncredited), casting associate: New York (as Matt Messinger), editorial staff: Florida (as Beth Ann Collins), negative cutter: Buena VIsta Negative Cutting, negative cutter: Buena Vista Negative Cutting, post production engineer (as Michael Kenji Tomizawa), music mixer: songs / music recordist: songs, music arranger: songs / music producer: songs / songs: music by, music mixer: score / music recordist: score, composer: "Walt Disney Animation Studios Theme" [reissues beginning from 2010] (uncredited), production accountant (as Darrell L. Brown), assistant to producer (as Patricia Conklin), production assistant: special edition re-release, engineering developer (as James D. Houston), engineering supporter (as Kiran B. Joshi), engineering developer (as Mark R. Kimball), production assistant (as Anthony Faust Rocco), engineering supporter (as Michael Sullivan).
Lorelei King.

Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, My Best Animated Feature Film Winners and Nominees, (based upon the original tale by) (uncredited), Townsperson Filming & Production Mrs. Beatrice Potts is a supporting character in Disney's 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. SHOW COMMENTS (0) FRANCHISE RELATED. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show.

Regardless of how stressed the Beast and Belle's relationship gets, Mrs. Potts is always optimistic, believing that the two will fall in love. Official Sites Although Mrs. Potts does not directly appear in the game, she is briefly mentioned by Cogsworth during Mission 83, as she describes the cloaked stranger in the castle. Many years later, Belle's father, Maurice, stumbles upon the castle to escape wild wolves and Mrs. Potts and the other servants warmly welcome him. In the end, Mrs. Potts watched Belle and the Beast make amends, and remarks that Belle was unique in that she is "always ready for a little adventure". Upon entering the dungeon, Sora and company were surprised to find that the cell, which supposedly held the imprisoned servants, only contained household objects. Comments Add a Comment. Unlike the cautious Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts is quite forthcoming in trusting people, immediately welcoming Sora despite him being a total stranger. Angela Lansbury was born on October 16, 1925 in Regent's Park, London, England as Angela Brigid Lansbury. She, like the other castle's residents, were turned into household objects by an enchantress as punishment for the Prince's cold heart. Another - Alma Koleci, the Albanian voice, also provides the speaking and singing voice of Belle in this dubbing. Movies: Beauty and the Beast (2017), Beauty and the Beast (1991), Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World. on Her base is purple with gold lining and a pale, alternating pink and blue pattern on it. Angela Lansbury was born on October 16, 1925 in Regent's Park, London, England as Angela Brigid Lansbury. Company Credits After introducing themselves to Sora, the servants explained their situation: the Beast was once a prince who had been cursed by an enchantress to appear as a monster for his selfish and uncaring personality, and the castle's inhabitants had been cursed to appear as household objects. Movies. In Deep Jungle, cups resembling Mrs. Potts and Chip are present near the tent. 8:00 AM PDT

Click through the slideshow below to see the full cast of the Beauty and the Beast live action film…. However, lanterns throughout the passage were seeping with darkness.

Agathe : [narrates] Then one night, an unexpected intruder arrived at the castle, seeking shelter from the bitter storm. Although never shown in human form in Kingdom Hearts, the Beauty and the Beast film reveals that she is a short, squat older woman with a pink servant's outfit. [Beggar woman offers the rose to the prince. NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes Reveals Sex of First Child On the Way! However, Cogsworth soon informs Mrs. Potts and the others that the Beast release Belle as his prisoner so she could go and care for her sick father. Beauty and the Beast (1991) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Angela Lansbury, Actress: The Manchurian Candidate. The curse transformed Mrs. Potts into a large, white teapot.

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