There, in 190 BC, forces of the Roman Republic defeated the Seleucid king Antiochus the Great in the Battle of Magnesia. This development coinciding with the Principalities Period during which Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm was in the dissolution phase has resulted in the dominance of Saruhanoğulları Principality over the region with Manisa at the center. The seat of the province to which Saruhan sanjak depended was the city of Aydın (1827–1841 and 1843–1846) at first, and was later moved to Smyrna (1841–1843, 1846–1864). One such warming eccentric of the 20th century was Ahmet Bedevi, the Tarzan of Manisa, a figure who became a symbol for the city by greatly contributing to raising consciousness for protection of the environment across the country, and by preserving and enriching Mount Sipylus's forests almost single-handed. To become an administrative center of the Ottoman Empire as the Sanjak of Saruhanoğulları right after this period, the region gives the title of “The City of Princes” to Manisa as the city where princes gain the experience of governing by ascending the sanjak for many years. Cybele monument by itself represents a step of innovation in Hittite art where full-faced figures in high relief are rare. Most of the town was destroyed and later rebuilt. This building added a new notion to the identity of the city. Invasion of lands of the Ottoman Empire, which was virtually destroyed with The Armistice of Mudros, has left Manisa face-to-face with Greek invasion. It became a city of importance under the Roman dominion and, though nearly destroyed by an earthquake in the reign of Tiberius, was restored by that emperor and flourished through the Roman empire. The name Saruhan was changed in the year 1927, and Manisa has joint the administrative development as a province of the young Republic of Turkey. After the Young Turk revolution (1908) the local Greek community was subject to wide scale boycott, as noted by the local British ambassador. The first are the fossilized footprints, numbering more than fifty and dated to around 20.000-25.000 BC, discovered in 1969 by MTA, Turkey's state body for mineral exploration, in Sindel village near the depending district of Salihli and referred to under that village's name. Omissions? In the early 13th century the region of Magnesia was subject to repeated raids by invading Turkish bands. Rise of Empire: The Ottoman is a Turkish historical docudrama by Kelly Mcpherson. Summers in Manisa are hotter than the coast with its western neighbour İzmir lying on the Aegean Sea and winters being colder due to its inland location. Example of civil architecture (1930s) in Manisa. The old walled city of Istanbul stands on a triangular peninsula between Europe and Asia. The legends surrounding such historical figures like the local ruler Tantalus, his son Pelops, his daughter Niobe, the departure of a sizable part of the region's population from their shores to found, according to one account, the future Etruscan civilization in present-day Italy, all centered around Mount Sipylus, where the first urban settlement was probably located, date from this period of proto-Lydians. In addition, tombs located in Kırkağaç Yortan Village are thought to belong to approximately 5,000 years ago, to the Bronze Age culture. Following the division of the Roman Empire into two in 395 A.C., it has remained within the borders of the Eastern Roman; in other words, the Byzantine Empire.

Around 1700, Manisa counted about 2,000 taxpayers and 300 pious foundations (vakıf) shops, was renowned for its cotton markets and a type of leather named after the city. Central and southern parts of western Anatolia entered history with the still obscure kingdom of Arzawa, neighbors and, after around 1320 BCE, vassals of the Hittite Empire. During this phase, Saruhan (Manisa) even had an eyalet of its own under its name as the "Eyalet of Saruhan" between the even shorter period 1845–1847. But already during the preceding century, influent western merchants such as Orlando, often in pact with local warlords such as Cennetoğlu, a brigand (sometimes cited as one of the first in line in western Anatolia's long tradition of efes to come) who in the 1620s had assembled a vast company of disbanded Ottoman soldiers and renegades and established control over much of the fertile land around Manisa, had triggered a movement of more commercially sensitive Greek and Jewish populations towards the port city. The 16th century Sultan Mosque was built for Ayşe Hafsa Sultan, Süleyman the Magnificent's mother. Price sold the whole network in 1893 to the Franco-Belgian group Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits, which extended it further east to Afyonkarahisar in 1896 and further north to Bandırma in 1912. Magnetes have migrated to Anatolia during dispersion period of Greek tribes, and built the city of Magnesia on mountain sides of the mountain called Spylos Mountain back in those days. This practice was discontinued in 1595, largely due to the growing insecurity in the countryside, precursor of Jelali Revolts, and a violent earthquake dealt a severe blow to the Manisa region's prosperity the same year. Turks and Greeks were living there together. Among leading industrial activities Manisa companies are engaged in are production of foodstuffs (196 companies), building materials (114), metal goods (85), as well as textile industry and clothing industry (46) and cotton ginning (43). The local population was unable to repulse the Turkish raids.

The province's name was changed to Manisa, as was the city itself, in 1927. Specialized in mental diseases, the medical center was in activity until the beginning of the 20th century when new buildings were built within the same compound. This has allowed the city to gain a great political, economical and social importance during the first half of 1200s. The first are the fossilized footprints, numbering more than fifty and dated to around 20.000-25.000 BC, discovered in 1969 by MTA, Turkey's state body for mineral exploration, in Sindel village near Manisa's depending district of Salihli and referred to under that village's name. Some of these have been able to survive to our day.

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