It's the same thing with Kise. They save a merchant named Gusma and he leads them to the entrance of Reingar.

During the events of a celestial war, the Goddess Diche breaks away from the war after her brother Orbis dies. They arrive at the area which is under attack and meet Saria, an elf Elder who Iseria had abandoned during the war. Ras learns the secrets of Taranor during the Archdemon War and finds out that the current king of Taranor had gone insane like his father before him and fell into researching homunculi himself. She tells Ras that her name is Mercedes and is being kept at Tirel Castle under the hospitality of the Queen. However, Saria succumbs to her injuries and dies. Ras, Arky and Mercedes head down to Savara to investigate the trading situation of the Dark Stones. None of the inhabitants within the illusion can see Mercedes and Ras breaks the illusion after stating that the real world cannot be like the illusion. Let me know if I've got any of the details wrong. We see through past flashbacks that Ludwig fell disillusioned that his whole clan sacrificed themselves except him. Chaos Sec Axe - Critical or HP bruiser tank? Ludwig escapes and pleads to Ras to help him. Mercedes, having taken in all of the fragments of the Archdemon, turns into the Archdemon. Story / Lore discussion *spoiler of course*. About Angelica... in the side story, Bask tries to guess her age and she responds with "Huh? However, during the fight, Ruele is killed after her barrier is shattered by the Archdemon. However, her other brother IIyros disagrees with her leaving the war and attempts to bring her back by sending the Archdemon to destroy the world that she created. They are picked up by the representatives of the Afih merchant guild after they are attacked by a mercenary and meets Purrgis, a Suin claiming to be a heir and that his guardian was missing. Vildred appears and absorbs another fragment of the Archdemon's might and fights Ras and nearly defeats him until Mercedes appears, teleports Ras and Arky away and sacrificing herself in the process. The king of Taranor met Kise when traveling through Duselnorc(spelling? Every time the heirs fail to defeat the Archdemon, she 'resets' the world by fixing the destruction and wiping everybody's minds of the defeat. The fight suddenly flips around after the Archdemon killed Ruele and all the heirs are killed in the fight. That's why Destina is basically mourning for Ruele, because she can't be reborn.

The ally is a priest named Morfih and is the protector of the sanctum in the Moor and is a devout believer in the Goddess. Regardless of the events that happened after that, Saria forgives Iseria for her actions and Iseria regains her resolve to fight Nilgal. They find Morfih apparently unharmed in the Land of Death, with no sign of Vildred and he leads them to the sanctum. Yuna becomes the President of Reingar and Ras destroys the Archdemon's Might. This article is a stub. Before turning in for the night, Ras meets a wraith hanging around the gardens in Tirel Castle.

He eventually made her his queen. However a vision of Ras appears telling her that he trusts her and she wakes up.

Ras heads to the sanctum and instead of destroying the Archdemon's might, learns from the World Tree that the Archdemon's Might is similar to his energy, and converts it into the power of creation and absorbs it. On the way to the sanctum, Morfih betrays Ras, telling Ras that he now knows the truth behind Orbis and seeks to help Vildred break its cycle. Nilgal then decides to detonate himself, hoping to take out the Heir of the Covenant in the process. However, it seems that Crozet, the leader of the Order was encaptured by a girl who had passed the checkpoint that day. He was simply regarded as one of the strongest humans. However, tragedy strikes when Vildred kills Diene after Ras tells Vildred his resolve to keep opposing the threat of the Archdemon. Arriving at Tirel Castle, Ras is granted an audience with Queen Diene, the person who ended the Archdemon War. 1. Mercedes at this point is struck unconscious from the large amounts of dark energy flowing out of the forest and is visited by visions of people mistrusting her and considers joining the Archdemon. When they finally catch up to him, they find that they have a hard time pinning any of the crimes done by Nehenqui. She creates a heir to represent herself, Ras Eclare, who is named The Heir of the Covenant.

Crozet is then tricked into fighting Ras, whom he defeats and goes after Tenebria. Help . From Epic Seven Wiki. Dun Blyraia is under attack from Acolyte Nilgal and Ras heads there immediately after the events in Solayu Forest. And exposes so much of the memory wipe issue. She's also both the taranor queen and the nocturne heir. While waiting, Mercedes is attacked by Sigret. After the death of the Archdemon, Ras recovers the body of Mercedes and keeps a fragment of the Archdemon's might in hopes of resurrecting Mercedes. He insists that Mercedes should stay out of the sanctum, due to her being as a homunculus and Ras leaves her to wait at the entrance of the sanctum. Their comrade Vildred, who has been travelling with them thus far decides to stay back to clear the monsters and urges the heirs to defeat the Archdemon. Register. Ras and Cartuja discover that the cause of the Dark Stones were from the Ilyros Church, where they've sacrificed Suin to create Dark Stones. The Heir of the Covenant and the heirs with him, Ruele and Kise are preparing for the fight with the Archdemon. Arriving at the North Wetheric Moor, Ras discovers that one of his former allies during the previous Archdemon War had been captured by Vildred and taken to a Land of Death. Arriving at the South Wetheric Moor, Ras, Arky and Mercedes head to the Order Of The Shield's fortress situated there. Ras and Iseria gather up all of the injured elves and heal them up under the World Tree.

To counter this, Diche creates … Vildred was never an heir, so he can be reborn. They dispel the barrier and resurrect Kromcruz using the creation energy converted from the Archdemon's Might. VictourieFlake 1 year ago #1. The goddess Diche stricken with sadness created a mini-world on the corpse of Orbis, which is the world where we are playing on. He is told that he had slept for the past twenty years and was moved to the pub due to the lack of funding to keep him in the Tirel Castle. As for who killed him in world 6, though the art style is a little different I'm pretty confident it was Kayron. Ludwig forgives Ras and joins Ras out of his clans wishes for him to be free from the duties of the Nocturnes. Ras wakes up in a forest surrounded by Iseria and Yuna, both of them sent by the Order of the Sword. They discover that the interference was from a Dark Stone, leading them to return back to Reingar to announce their discoveries, only to discover that the merchant Gusma and a member of the Security Club were planning to summon an Acolyte to become the President of Reingar.

At this point, Zeaon, the guardian of Iseria appears after ignoring her requests to fight due to her cowardice. Chapter 5: A White Flower Blooming In Winter, Chapter 2: Guide Of An Extinguished Flame. Kazran reverses time to undo the damage and Tenebria, who is unable to keep her current form, leaves. They free the remaining Suin and imprison the Head Priest, but not before Acolyte Nilgal was summoned. They had allowed her into the fortress after Crozet allows her to pass. With the backup from the Ezeran Army and the mercenaries, the Taranoran forces are pushed back and with countless victories against the Taranoran Army, the party manages to make it to Taranor Castle where they encounter Kayron. She also creates guardians to aid the heirs in defeating the Archdemon. Read more here. They discover that Suin have been kidnapped erratically. ", and in the opening there's a fast scene showing her growing wings, so I think she is something like an angel. Story Context. Epic Seven; Story / Lore discussion *spoiler of course* User Info: VictourieFlake. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gamepedia. They investigate the sewers of the town and find Vildred, who has slain the guardian Hainen and run into a homunculus who resembles Kise but is named Sigret.

She builds a world on the body of Orbis, creating the world that Epic Seven takes place in. However, upon arriving at Reingar, they find out that their identification documents have been taken and are branded as illegal aliens and end up in an interrogation chamber. However, her other brother IIyros disagrees with her leaving the war and attempts to bring her back by sending the Archdemon to destroy the world that she created. They are backed up by Iseria who is reluctant to return to Dun Blyraia after abandoning her comrades during the previous Archdemon War. Epic Seven; Dragalia Lost; The Legend of Zelda: BotW; Kancolle. ), and they fell in love with each other. The party plans to break into Taranor to try and delay the summoning of the Archdemon to make time for the Ezeran Army enough time to arrive. Kise is where the thing comes unhinged for me. Ras is unable to prevent the summoning and Acolyte Tenebria is summoned.

The party joins up with the forces on Ezera and sits on the border in Western Taranor waiting for Krau to appear. Need abit of help on Episode 3 boss fight. They find out that she has been resisting efforts to become the President and is in the chambers due to her creations running berserk. Sigret asking Mercedes to abandon her emotions and join the Archdemon.

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