On the center the Syracusans slowly advanced and pushed the light Carthaginian troops to the very edge of the battlefield. At game end the Sacred Band are left isolated in the middle of the Syracusians. It probably demonstrates flexible mission directed command capability. The Syracusians are neatly formed up, unlike the Carthos. The stage is set. Sacred Band special abilities:• The Sacred Band will score one hit for each leader symbol rolled in close combat. Historical BackgroundThe Carthaginians learned from earlier defeats in Sicily that they had to field reliable, trained heavy infantry of their own. 2:4, On the other flank a Warband takes out more Syracusian peltasts, Timoleon has to flee again!. Coment it freely here and in the forum. The loss of so many citizen soldiers had a horrific effect on Carthage.
Website launched JUNE 2008 by Alessandro Crespi.Commands and Colors: ANCIENTS is a registered trademark of GMT Games LLC. The Sacred Band was reformed, but only once was it ever dispatched from Africa again, and then only for a very short campaign. 3:5 and Victory to Syracuse! 5 - 3 for the Syracusan. The victorious hoplites follow up. Special Rules• The Crimissos River is only fordable at the river bends.• The Carthaginian Sacred Band units are special units. The Sacred Band formed part of a large army under Hasdrubal, advancing eastward to subjugate Sicily. Ahem. Pretty much played out like the real battle. This is a quick scenario, five command cards each and five banners needed for victory. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. If the Carthaginians don't get a good Left draw and get across the river they are porked. Not updated very often and rather old. this one is very nice, and also the possibility to see discussions attached to the article.

My homepage. Syracusian medium cavalry who bear a striking resemblance to Alexanders Companions.

Website launched JUNE 2008 by Alessandro Crespi.Commands and Colors: ANCIENTS is a registered trademark of GMT Games LLC. Seeing the disaster unfolding across the river, the remainder of Hasdrubal’s army broke and fled. Posted in Sicilian Wars (600-265 BC). Similar rides, known as Splash Battles, were previously built by 3DBA. 3:4. Most who survived fled, but the Sacred Band stood their ground and were annihilated by superior numbers, (aided by a sudden rainstorm that slowed Carthaginian reinforcements crossing the river). Syracusian phalanx supported by peltasts and medium cavalry. 59:02. The phalanx is heavy infantry, five dice apiece. He got that chance when, on a foggy morning, Hasdrubal carelessly ordered his army to cross the Crimissos River without bothering to send out scouts (who would have reported that Timoleon’s army was arrayed on the bluffs just beyond the river). • The Carthaginian Sacred Band units are special units.

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