the climate over broad regions. [Text appears on graph:  Observations; Only natural changes]. Note, however that use of multi-model results is not usually appropriate for detailed (quantitative) impact assessments. The climate in the Australian desert – generally referred to as the outback on maps – is very hot and dry. quality of data produced using the delta change (change factor) scaling This graph shows global warming observed over the 20th Century. The Climate Change in Australia website provides easy access to the projections information and data. As the data produced are calculated as the 20-year average, the years shown in the selector represent the mid-point of the period. Greenhouse Gas Emissions]. During summer, the outback is very hot and humid – some days have seen temperatures as high as 50°C. In eastern Australia, there is high confidence that in the near future (2030) natural variability will predominate over trends caused by greenhouse gas emissions. sense in light of what is known of the local climate, including how it Select a SEASON from the drop-down list, 6. These maps provide information about average as well as more extreme conditions. These In addition, due Your use of the tools on this site is subject to Terms of Use For example, northern Australia has a similar climate to India (an admittedly vague reference point) and the middle of Australia is similar to the Sahara Desert. In the context of the Map Explorer, this means the more you Bureau Home > Australia > Weather Maps. from the drop-down list, 4. Select a TIME PERIOD from the four choices in the drop-down list, 2. Global (and For example, “2050” represents data averaged between 2040 and 2059. Interactive Weather and Wave Forecast Maps; Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Products; Australian Region. Note that the process of developing gridded datasets from the sparsely distributed station data necessarily involves use of statistical methods to 'infill' the gaps between stations. ... Map of the eight regions or 'clusters' for which climate change information has been assessed

The gridded results corresponding to your settings are displayed on the map. Mean Sea Level Pressure (MSLP) map; Latest Colour Mean Sea-Level Pressure Analysis and Infrared Greyscale Satellite; Short-term forecast ; Forecast map for next 4 days; UV … Fifth Assessment Report (2013) and are referred to as RCPs Select from the other forecast maps (on the right) to view the temperature, cloud cover, wind and precipitation for this country on a large scale with animation. 5 km) observed data. Map of the eight regions or 'clusters' for which climate change information has been assessed. Zone 2: Coastal Queensland from midway between Townsville and Mackay south to just below Coffs Harbour. Our scientists use results from climate models that are based on established laws of physics. Australia Weather Map The Australia Weather Map below shows the weather forecast for the next 10 days. extreme rainfall events will become more intense (high confidence). I want emails from Lonely Planet with travel and product information, promotions, advertisements, third-party offers, and surveys. Perhaps surprisingly, many parts of the neighbouring island of Tasmania are closer to the United Kingdom and Ireland than the sunnier regions of Australia’s climate map. Emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, are a major driver of climate change. Map datum: the data downloaded are in the WGS84 horizontal map datum. imposed a limit to how far the map can be zoomed. The maps were created by Redditor triton1982 and the result is a fascinating look at how similar some distant regions are, as well as a handy visual reference. Map created by reddit user triton1982 You probably already know Australia is a relatively hot country, but the map above shows how the clinate of its various regions compares to other places on earth (including cities). ACORN-SAT observations are shown in brown and a series from a typical global climate model is shown into the future in light purple. variations due to topography, coastal proximity and aspect), it does not Figures from these reports can also be downloaded from the Publications Library The time in drought is projected to increase over southern Australia (high confidence). Rather, we recommend that a minimum Many of the higher mountains in the territory's south-west are snow-covered for part of the winter. . Making Sense Of The World, One Map At A Time. The observed data source for each variable is described in the
To this end we have used the highest quality data that we We are committed to child safety and to the implementation of Child Safe principles and procedures. models. The comparisons on the climate maps are made by matching the average monthly temperature (highs and lows) as well as the Koppen Classifications, the most widely used system of measuring climate. You are strongly encouraged to familiarise yourself with this material. A map of Australia shows eight climate zones as follows: Zone 1: northern Australia from Exmouth in WA across to midway between Townsville and Mackay in Queensland. Are you in search of that perfect weather closer to home? has been compiled into an Online Training the historic spatial patterns in the observed data (including the EMISSIONS SCENARIO: Four global emissions scenarios are available. During the summer, or "wet" season in Western Australia (October-March)… The historic data are gridded at a spacing of 0.05 degrees longitude and latitude (approximately equal to 5 km) where each grid point represents the 1986-2005 average for the relevant variable. The latter provides much higher resolution as the course changes from the climate models are applied to high resolution (approx. Australia, however, is strikingly diverse with climate matches to India, California, South Africa, central Italy and Buenos Aires. This method is often referred to as the "delta change" or "change factor" method. TIME PERIOD: Data can be generated for four future time periods: 2030, 2050, 2070 and 2090. Windows users can also use Microsoft's screen capture utility, Snipping Tool The relatively broad-scale change The resultant future data are highly realistic-looking because they preserve the spatial patterns in the observed dataset.

The projections are based on data from up to 40 global climate models, developed by institutions around the world, that were driven by four greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions scenarios. The most comprehensive climate projections for Australia.
following table. Australian Water Availability Project (AWAP) 0.05° gridded data (Jones DA, Wang W, Fawcett R 2009 'High-quality spatial climate data-sets for Australia. Examine the results to ensure they make We'll need to know what you want to contact us about so we can give you an answer. Select a MODEL from the drop-down list, 5. add any new CHANGE information. For this reason, no gridded dataset is perfect and each will have its strengths and weaknesses. individual 5 km grid cell.

This selection of eight models have been chosen as they adequately cover the annual and seasonal range in the projections across all of Australia (Eight model selection Southern would be Paraná Santa Catarina or Rio Grande do Sul. Changes to the climate system have occurred and are likely to continue. relative to 1986-2005” with a region selected, the legend has the Data Contextualiser superimposed over it. The climate maps show some countries have what could be called a ‘climate twin’; China’s climate matches up with multiple areas of the United States (with guest appearances from, Australia, however, is strikingly diverse with climate matches to, The comparisons on the climate maps are made by matching the average monthly temperature (highs and lows) as well as the Koppen Classifications, the most widely used system of measuring climate. Climate Zone Map Australia Wide; Share via Email ; Share on Twitter; Share on Facebook; Share on LinkedIn; Australia has a varied climate, leading to different locations around the country having different heating and cooling requirements. “North Eastern Tasmania – Northern California The grey shading indicates the period of historical simulation while three future scenarios are shown with colour coded shading. The climate maps show some countries have what could be called a ‘climate twin’; China’s climate matches up with multiple areas of the United States (with guest appearances from Namibia and South Paraquay) while Canada features heavily on Russia’s climate map, though it's worth noting that some extreme sub-zero temperatures are taken out of classification. Control the animation using the slide bar found beneath the weather map. . There is high confidence in increasing potential evapotranspiration (atmospheric moisture demand). (Representative Concentration Pathways). The blue area of coastal South Eastern Australia of Victoria and South Australia are NOT similar to the San Francisco bay area (which is somewhat more cooler) A better comparison would be to the Portugal’s atlantic coast stretching from Lisbon ( like Adelaide) to Porto (like Melbourne). increases. Switch between NRM Regions and States as the background overlay, Important Considerations When Using Climate Projections, Deciding What Climate Change Data You Need, Common Mistakes when Using Climate Change Data.

the reasons outlined above, care is needed if using the results from an may contain data that appear aberrant or inconsistent. - for more information on models). Data We worked with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to produce the most comprehensive set of climate change projections for Australia ever released. to inherent limitations in all climate models, individual grid cells When the results The changes are calculated using the ‘time-slice’ method. This involves subtracting a future 20-year averaged value as simulated by the selected climate model from the 20-year averaged baseline (1986-2005) from the same model. This means that while the trend is skewing the natural variability towards winter decreases, it will be relatively minor compared to the natural seasonal and annual changes, so continuing to manage for large natural variability will still be appropriate. ERA Interim reanalysis 0.75° gridded data, interpolated to 0.05° using a bi-linear method 3.

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